• "<B>Contact :- John . 07572 504056</B>"
  • "<B>Contact :- John . 07572 504056</B>;
  • "<B>Contact :- John . 07572 504056</B>
  • "<B>Contact :- John . 07572 504056</B>
  • "<B>Contact :- John . 07572 504056</B>


  • Jim Connolly

    Lead Vocals & Guitar

  • Lohn Lomas

    Vocals, Keyboard & Sax

  • Paul Blake

    Vocals, Lead Guitar

  • Steve O'Brien

    Vocals, Rhythm guitar

  • Derrick Nugent


  • Ron Mitchell


    The seeds of EDEN were sown when Paul Blake and John Lomas arranged to meet up in a local pub.
    The pair had known each other for many years, but had never played together.
    The two of them hit it off and decided to form a new band playing Classic Rock,Soul and Pop songs.
    John quickly found a lead vocalist by the name of Jim Connelly, who was well know on the circuit
    as Jim C. . .Paul had already placed an advertisment for other interested musicians and soon recruited
    David Haigh on bass. After trying out several drummers the band settled on Ian Smart, who had recently
    got back into playing after a three year sabatical.
    After a couple of rehearsals, Jim suggested an old friend of his should join on 2nd lead vocal and
    rhythm guitar. Welcome Steve O'Brien.
    The band was now complete and settled down to rehearsals , but we needed a name!!! We all suggested
    names and found the only way was to pick three names each and see if we picked the same one
    in any of our choices . . . . . EDEN . . had arrived. 
          Each of the band members have a wealth of experience and stories to tell between them.
    John has played keyboards, sax and bass with many bands from around the North West, from
    the tender age of 16 yrs.
    Paul has played for over 30 years, as a professional musician gigging all over the
    UK and Europe and even a one off appearance in Indonesia and more recently in a
    Pink Floyd tribute band and a 60's cover band. 
    Jim was the front man of a 9 piece Soul band who had great success around
    Northern Clubs and fronted the Sunday Jam Band at The Witchwood in Ashton and now
    combinds EDEN gigs with his own solo act,  known as "Jimmy C".
    Steve has had a successful career as an ELVIS tribute act ( but we tend not to talk
    about that), he is bursting to bring it to our show and maybe one day we will let him shine.
    David has since left the band to concentrate on other projects he is working on and we wish him well. 
    We are excited to welcome in on bass, Ronnie Mitchell.
    Ronnie has an impressive CV going back to the 60's, having appeared with The Rolling Stones and
    ManfredMann amongst others, as well as appearing on The BBC with his bandThe Meteors.
    He is a great bass player and is well respected by his fellow musicians in the Manchester area. Finally,
    Derrick Nugent , An excellent drummer, Played in various bands over the years including Cat Squirrel in the 80's ,a rock band along with Ronnie, His only downfall is supporting City  
    If you happen to come to one of our gigs please feel free to come up and have a chat, we don't bite,
    after all it's the music that brings us all together.